Recover your data in the shortest time possible!

We offer urgent recovery services for customers who require their recovered data in the shortest possible time. The urgent service begins right at the moment we receive your storage device, to which we make an initial diagnosis to evaluate the fault it presents and, from it, we determine an approximate time required for the recovery of your data. 


We have numerous cases in which our clients have been able to recover their data on the same day and even in only several hours.


If you have lost data from the hard disk or from a RAID server and need urgent service, call us at 809-533-1679 for a free consultation.

Urgent data recovery

With our urgent data recovery service (accelerated / emergency service / 911) you can recover your data in record time. Also, we include the option to upload up to 25GB of data on our server for immediate download, as soon as they have been recovered.


The urgent service usually lasts 1 to 2 days, but your data could be recovered in just a few hours. Everything will depend on the failure of the hard drive and the amount of data to recover.


Additional charge:


The emergency service has an additional cost of USD $200, which is added to the base recovery rate, of which a non-refundable deposit of USD $40.00 is required, upon admission of the device.


  • In the case of RAID arrays, the cost is per disk. Click here for RAID fix rates.

  • If you require a donor device to proceed with the service and we do not have it in inventory, you must add 1 to 4 days to the recovery period.


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