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A ransomware is a type of harmful program that hijacks the data, and asks for a ransom in exchange for removing this restriction. Some types of ransomware encrypt operating system files by rendering the device useless and coercing the user to pay the ransom.

Discos Duros

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A hard disk is a device with a large capacity for storing computer data that is permanently inserted into the central processing unit of the computer. We have experience in data recovery from all hard drive manufacturers.

Raid Array

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A RAID array is a data storage system that uses multiple drives (hard drives or SSDs), among which data is distributed or replicated. We are experts in data recovery from RAID arrays, NAS servers and servers.

SSD or Solid State Drives


The solid state drive (SSD) uses nonvolatile memory, such as flash memory, to store data, instead of magnetic plates or discs. Our laboratory provides the recovery of solid state units that operate in MLC or SLC NAND for all brands and models.

Damaged Files

We recover data from any type of damaged file: Microsoft Office, most database files, "even password protected" ZIP files, email files such as PST OST EDB files and many more.


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We offer data recovery service for all types of USB storage, from USB sticks to CF cards and any device for storing photos and videos including cell phones or smartphones. We recover devices with logical and physical damages.



At Data Recovery we are experts in the recovery and repair of inaccessible, illegible or deleted data such as videos, files, images, smartphone documents. In almost all Android models we can recover your data even if the device is damaged.

Data Elimination

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We recommend using our data deletion or destruction services. You can bring us your hard drives and the data will be permanently deleted. We will deliver a certificate with the processes performed.


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